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Finding the means to utilise keywords and drive targeted traffic to your website is immensely important, but it can also be a problematic situation. Google AdWords is perhaps the most cost-effective means of increasing qualified traffic to your website – it’s an exceptional platform and offers plenty of performance.

The problem for most companies is that it can be complex, particularly if you have little experience with it. Despite its immense benefits, creating a viable, successful Google AdWords campaign can be time consuming, complex and draining. This is where Webnesters can help.

Here at Webnesters, we specialise in helping our clients benefit from their AdWords campaign – we are a Google AdWords management company that understands the importance of customisation, accurate keyword identification and implementation, reducing costs to our clients and improving overall ROI through specialised Google AdWords management services.

Why Does Google AdWords Matter?

The key to success on the Internet is maintaining a steady stream of targeted, prequalified visitors to your website and having those visitors convert to sales (or take another desired action). Of course, that’s easier said than done. Sometimes, just getting traffic to your website is the hardest part. This is where Google AdWords is vital – it’s a short-term growth strategy that can offer immediate, significant enhancement to your website’s performance.

  • Fast Results – Perhaps the most important reason to implement a Google AdWords campaign right now is that it offers immediate results, unlike on-page optimisation techniques for organic growth.
  • Increased Accuracy – Another immense advantage offered by Google AdWords campaign management is the increased accuracy in traffic driven to your site. Anyone suffering from a high visitor bounce rate needs better traffic targeting and qualifying.
  • Cost Effective Promotion – Google AdWords ensures that you only pay for visitors that actually make it to your website, rather than paying per ad displayed or for ad placement.
  • Improved Visibility – Our Google AdWords management services put your company in front of millions of web searchers looking for products and services that you sell.

The Problem Most People Experience

As you can see from the information above, Google AdWords is a powerful, vital tool for any business hoping to secure profitability, reduce their advertising costs and drive targeted, qualified traffic to their website. However, there’s a problem here. We hinted at it above, but let’s spell it out.

If you have little or no experience with Google AdWords or PPC campaigns, then you’ll find creating, implementing such a program difficult to say the least. A wrong move here will result in a campaign that offers significantly lower results than you deserve, and it’s easy to make a mistake if you don’t have the experience necessary.

Here at Webnesters, we know Google AdWords inside and out, and our Google AdWords management services are designed to ensure you have the results that you need for success in the competitive online world. We take the uncertainty out of Google AdWords campaign management and offer our clients unparalleled quality, professionalism, accuracy and, most of all, measurable results.

What Is Google AdWords?

If you’re new to the world of online marketing, chances are good that you have no idea what AdWords is. It’s pretty simple, really. Google AdWords is an advertising program that puts your keyword-based ads in front of web searchers through prominent listing in SERPs (search engine results pages). Of course, they’re not “organic” results, which is actually to your benefit.

Google AdWords ads are displayed in several areas in the SERPs – at the very top of Google’s results pages and to the right of organic results. This means that your ads are highly visible, as web searchers actually have to look at your ad to get to other results lower down the page.

Google AdWords relies on keywords to work – the search terms that your clients or customers are using to find products or services like those you offer. Because of this, the results generated are targeted specifically at YOUR customers, not random web searchers.

Why Use Our Google AdWords Management Services?

  • We offer unparalleled expertise in creating high-performing AdWords campaigns, ensuring our clients have the best results through driving targeted, qualified traffic to their website.
  • We save our clients money through our Google AdWords management services, ensuring maximum ROI with maximum results.
  • We offer immense experience in creating, implementing, managing and monitoring – our AdWords campaign management techniques are second to none.
  • We specialise in getting our clients the best cost per click. Google AdWords management services are of little use if you go broke because of a high cost per click. We get you the best results through innovative bidding strategies and other expert techniques for the best CPC possible.
  • We offer a proven history that speaks for itself. Here at Webnesters, we believe “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”, and believe our track record of successful Google AdWords campaign management speaks for itself.
  • We are a comprehensive Google AdWords management company and provide you with a fully customised experience, from keyword identification to ad placement and everything in between.
  • We’re a Google AdWords Certified Partner, and are immensely proud of the effort, skill, knowledge and experience required to earn that accolade, and we’re committed to providing each client with the results they deserve.

Components of Our AdWords Management Services

To truly understand how our Google AdWords management services can help you, it’s important to know what components form our campaign management plan. Here at Webnesters, we offer:

  • Initial and on-going keyword identification and research to continually refine and improve your campaign performance
  • Vital campaign measurement and performance tracking data
  • Constant bid management to ensure the best ROI and lowest CPC possible
  • Accurate, essential bid testing for improved accuracy and success
  • Constant new ad format testing to ensure maximum exposure through a variety of platforms
  • Ad integration with other online tools and platforms, including social media, video and more

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